We've built the most technologically advanced OOH planning & buying system in existence today
It's called ADstruc Drive and it's revolutionized the way Out-of-Home campaigns are planned and bought. By eliminating inefficiency, we've made outdoor advertising a smoother, more streamlined process for brands and agencies. Plus, we've innovated tools that bring a whole new level of intelligence to OOH.
ADstruc Media Map

The entire Out-of-Home media landscape at our fingertips

Media Map — the most comprehensive OOH inventory database ever built — provides one-click access to detailed information (including photos, descriptions and audience measurement) on nearly every OOH asset across the United States

Automation for faster results

ADstruc Drive's powerful workflow automation tools reduce the time it takes to gather pricing and availability information from media owners so that plans can be built more quickly, and effort once devoted to paperwork can be applied to strategy and ideation

ADstruc Grid

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Plan optimization
We've built the industry's first media plan optimizer, Pilot, to algorithmically identify the top-performing inventory for your target audience
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Data layering
Our data layering functionality allows us to overlay any geographical dataset on top of the inventory landscape for visual, empirical campaign planning
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Sharing our work
The platform quickly exports media plans into custom Excel and PowerPoint templates — and features a client portal where advertisers can interact with, and explore, plans themselves
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Proof-of-Posting hub
The platform organizes POP info — including photos, posting dates and more — into an elegant online hub clients can access at any time